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banksy instagram
“Dover, England”@Banksy via Instagram

Huge Banksy mural appears at Britain’s border

The shadowy street artist has claimed the work that depicts a man removing a star from the European flag

UK street artist Banksy has made his first official statement on Britain’s decision to leave the EU with a mural appearing on a builidng in Dover, very close to the ferry terminal that connects England to the rest of Europe.

The artwork that turned up overnight depicts a man up a ladder chiselling one star from the European flag. It’s the first time that the political artist has commented on what increasingly looks like a disastrous decision to leave the European Union – we have no plan and no forecast of the consequences, but we do appear to be guaranteed a hit on the economy and restricted mobility.

The Bristol artist has posted two images of the mural on his Instagram, all but confirming that the work is his.