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Male lawmakers sign abortion ban, overrule women colleagues

Three male senators voted against two female colleagues to further South Carolina’s ‘personhood bill’, which would effectively ban abortion

Three Republican senators in South Carolina yesterday (April 26) voted to further legislation that would technically ban abortion in the state. In head-bashingly unsurprising news, those lawmakers legislating women’s bodies are in fact men (misogo-cyborgs, reptiles in liquid latex and suits covering their scales) outvoting their two women counterparts.

As the Post and Courier reports, the ‘personhood bill’ would give a fertilised egg (a zygote) the definition and rights of a living person. Mike Gambrell, Scott Talley and Rex Rice overruled two of their female colleagues on the committee. The legislation will now go to the next step and be debated at the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Though the bill cannot be passed in 2017 – the legislative year ends May 11 – it can still be considered next year, as proposed legislation survives for two terms.

As CNN reports, there’s currently over 1,000 laws across the United States that limit access to terminations.

In the initial committee meeting, supporters of the bill actually compared abortion access to the Holocaust. That’s right, the murder of millions of Jewish people under the Nazi regime was compared to women having the right to choose and body autonomy. Advocates for the proposed legislation also spoke about their religious beliefs and the Declaration of Independence.

Richard Cash, who was representing anti-choice group Personhood South Carolina and Senate election candidate, also used the horrific, racially-motivated murders committed by Dylann Roof in his defence of the bill. He testified that they took down the Confederate battle flag in Charleston in reaction to the murder of nine black churchgoers, and that the same should be done for abortion by allowing the ‘personhood’ bill to be debated in the Senate.

Those who turned out to the committee to argue against the bill related that it would effectively ban all abortion in South Carolina, including cases where a person’s life is at risk, or they have been raped. It was also asserted that it could compromise those wishing to receive particular kinds of cancer treatments (those than can harm a fertilised egg), and affect access to certain birth control.

State lobbyist for Planned Parenthood Vicki Ringer warned present lawmakers that defended a bill like this could cost the state millions of dollars. Following the signing of the bill by sponsors Rice, Talley and Gambrell, prospectively signing away reproductive rights for women in South Carolina, Ringer said her plea was “an exercise in futility”.

After witnessing the shitshow that was Donald Trump and a whole team of male politicians coming after women’s lives with the brutal global gag rule, it seems again and again the irony is totally lost on the super-privileged reptiles in skinsuits.

Via Rawstory