Watch Iggy Pop turn into an angel for new arthouse film

Sophie Blondy’s Starlight tells the story of a remote magical circus

Despite being first screened back in 2013, Sophie Blondy’s french fantasy feature Starlight has only just been given an official release date: May 9. Centred around a remote magical circus and set off the shores of the North Sea, it stars Iggy Pop as an angel who oversees the secrets and jealousies of the performers.

“Each performer rehearses and performs new numbers, but this fragile balance will quickly shatter to unveil their real nature and their most obscure feelings,” explains the official synopsis. “The circus will then become a place of romantic lust where each will use their powers to satisfy their desires.” 

Although an established star of the stage, this isn’t the punk icon’s first appearance on the screen. He also appeared in Toby Tobias’ 2016 feature Blood Orange, and had an unrecognisable, prosthetics-clad turn in the Star Trek series. Pop also featured in Terrence Malick’s Austin-set romantic drama Song To  

Watch the trailer for Starlight above.