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Illustration Javier Sola

Chechen president plans to ‘eliminate’ gays in one month

The ‘anti-gay purge’ has quickly escalated, with horrifying threats to eliminate the LGBT community by Ramadan

Chechnya’s president, Ramzan Kadyrov, has issued a warning to the gay community in the region: you will be eliminated by the start of Ramadan. The message was delivered to local Russian media and confirmed by Pink News.

Sir Alan Duncan, Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, told parliament, “Human rights groups report that these anti-gay campaigns and killings are orchestrated by the head of the Chechen republic, Ramzan Kadyrov.”

“He has carried out other violent campaigns in the past, and this time he is directing his efforts at the LGBT community. Sources have said that he wants the (LGBT) community eliminated by the start of Ramadan.”

The reporter who originally broke the story of the “anti-gay purge”, Elena Milashina, told us that “detentions continue this very moment, and nobody is being released. This is a huge problem. We basically can't find a way to save those men who were detained in the so-called ‘second wave’ of arrests.”

Ramadan begins on May 26, just over a month from now. This is what you can do to help stop the situation.