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Twin Peaks

Try and solve these cryptic new Twin Peaks teasers

Remember, the owls are not what the seem, and the three video puzzles most certainly aren’t either

Get sleuthing a la special agent Dale Cooper, as some mysterious video puzzles teasing the goings on of the Twin Peaks reboot have been released.

As we await a welcome back to David Lynch’s cult classic television series in May, there’s been some brief featurettes and bizarre teasers featuring Kyle McLachlan, Peggy Lipton, David Duchovny and David Lynch himself. Last month also saw the first images of the original cast that are making their return.

What we’ve come to gauge over the years from the wacky Lynchian universe is nothing is ever as it seems: the town between two valleys, the owls, these video puzzles set to the classic, haunting score of Angelo Badalamenti. So get your coffee refill and have a go at cracking the codes below, and watch out for the die-hard fan theories hypothesising what the hell these videos may actually mean.