Watch the creepy trailer for Stephen King’s The Mist

The TV series traces the terrifying events that unfold when a mysterious mist descends on a small American town

First there was Stephen King’s original, suspense-slicing novella, and then there was the 2007 Frank Darabont-directed film, but 2017 has a dark, terrifying take on The Mist, coming soon to TV.

The TV series will be based on King’s original book as well as the film. It tells the story of a town taken over by a mysterious mist, which brings a strange emotional shift among its residents. Oh yeah, and freaky monsters. 

“I wanted to be respectful to the source material, but my feeling was there was already a great adaptation out there by Frank Darabont,” director Christian Torpe told Entertainment Weekly about the reinvention. “The novella is 200 pages and one location, and we needed to change that to make an ongoing series. But we wanted to remain faithful to the heart of the story.”

The reboot of Stephen King’s nightmarish IT was teased recently with the first full-length trailer. The first of two parts will be released in September.

The Mist is meant to hit the small screen June 22, starring Alyssa Sutherland, Morgan Spector, Gus Birney, Frances Conroy, Luke Cosgrove, Isiah Whitlock Jr and Darren Pettie. 

“It's a weird cousin to the original material,” Torpe said. “It has a constant ebb and flow communication with the novella. But who knows? Maybe some of the original characters will make a cameo at some point.”

Watch the chilling trailer above.