Hear David Lynch talk about happiness and humanity

The legendary director speaks, alongside fellow LA locals including Cali DeWitt, Brendan Fowler, and Kyle MacLachlan, about finding love and peacefulness amongst the City of Angels in a new film

“Bliss is physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, happiness, and you can vibrate with this bliss. It’s this happiness from within... they used to have a saying: ‘true happiness isn’t out there, true happiness lies within’.”

Director David Lynch is musing on happiness, peacefulness and meditation in a new film directed by Shaniqwa Jarvis and featuring Los Angeles locals such as artist and clothing designer Cali DeWitt, model and jewellery designer Erin Wasson, vocalist Nia Andrews, Grammy-Award winning singer James Fauntleroy, 2016’s Best New Chef by Food & Wine, Kris Yenbamroong, and multidisciplinary visual artist, Brendan Fowler.

Split across three sections – “Connection”, “Consciousness” and “Community” – the short film offers an antidote to the pressures of our lives with one answer: chill out. Titled A New Sunrise Over Sunset, it also features voiceovers from Lynch’s friend and actor, Kyle MacLachlan, who compares meditation to acting, explaining, “(to) absorb another character – to embody their impulses, hopes, aspirations – you have to transform. There is something uncanny in this: all you’ve got inside you is you, but when it gets channelled through this character, in this setting, in this story, something emerges that might surprise you. You change into something new, that is more familiar than what you were before.”

Alongside tips on mindfulness and ramblings on what each person loves about LA, it celebrates the opening of The James West Hollywood-Sunset hotel, in collaboration with the David Lynch Foundation, and provides a first look at the hotel itself. Watch above.