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Tinder launches art installation for the women’s strike

Launched today by Lily Cole, the art piece aims to connect women via anonymous written letters

A temporary art installation created by British artists Charlotte and Philip Colbert and Tinder was launched today, to tie in with International Women’s Day.

The day-long fixture, titled #BeBoldForChange, was launched by Lily Cole at the Southbank Observation Point today. It invites women to write messages of empowerment to each other, while also taking and keeping their own as a small yet powerful reminder that they can achieve (and be) anything. “In the sometimes overwhelming era of communication in the digital form, it’s so nice to receive a letter or read a note from someone else,” Philip tells Dazed.

“Empowering women throughout the world is a key thing for development, progress of humanity and of the world in general”, adds Charlottes, while later mentioning a striking quote by Kofi Annan – “The best tool for change and development is the empowerment of women”.

The interactive installation ties together Philip’s flamboyant, pop-art style with Charlotte’s feminine aesthetic.  On the overall aesthetic of the installation, Philips says: “I wanted the system to look sort of naive and colourful, so it was all quite squiggly and Mondrian-esque. It fitted well with the gridded, multicoloured letters which has that abstract vibe.”

While we’ve certainly come a long way in terms of equality (women were only granted the right to vote in 1920), there’s still quite a way to go. However, the more awareness is implemented in the name of art, the written word and, of course, International Women’s Day, the greater chance of eradicating gender inequality we have.