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You can now get your WhatsApps chronicled in a book

‘you up’ – the end

Whether it’s treasured memories, drunk garbage or sexts, there’s a new project that lets you document your WhatsApp chats in physical book form. Because ‘wyd x’ is the beginning of a tumultuous modern day love story.

“For many of us, WhatsApp has become a running commentary to our lives. Here, we share all sorts of small and big moments with those close to us. Really, it’s the modern form of keeping a diary,” Anna from zapptales tells Dazed. “At the same time, it is also not just about ourselves – but about those we chat with.”

The project came about when co-founder Daniel wanted to keep track of some memories uploaded to the messenger after becoming an uncle. The process itself involved exporting chosen messages to zapptales via email and using the software, from there designing a cover, dedication and edit the chats. It can come in both soft and hardback. The entire process, according to zapptales, is fully encrypted and automated, and chats can be removed manually or else are deleted 14 days after the last login.

“Our biggest order so far was a couple’s love story over an amazing 4000 pages – spread over 20 volumes. Our customers are as diverse as the WhatsApp community,” says Anna. In less than a year, they’ve sold over 10,000 books.

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