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Please, please, please, let me get what I want

A Nazi-punching film festival is opening in New York

‘Punch will be served’

Earlier this month, notorious white supremacist Richard Spencer got punched, really hard, in the face. The moment – which took place on the day of the Women’s March – served up some much-needed respite in a desperately bleak period. It also raised some interesting questions. Is violence bad? Are Nazis bad? Should we punch them? How can I, myself, punch them?

Fortunately, a new film festival is offering a little more time to mull over these questions. Taking place this weekend in New York, “Fash Bash Bash: A Night of Nazi-Punching on Film” will broadcast the best Nazi face punches in cinematic history.

The free event, hosted by The New Inquiry, will take place on Saturday evening (February 4) at Brooklyn’s Verso Books. According to the Facebook invite, “punch will be served”, and security will be present. 

Learn more about the Fash Bash Bash here