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Blade Runner
via Warner Bros

Peek the latest images from Blade Runner 2049

Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling and more feature in behind-the-scenes shots for the legendary sci-fi/noir flick sequel, set to be unleashed later this year

Following the mysterious first trailer for Blade Runner 2049, just-released images capture in-action and behind-the-scene shots from the tech-noir film sequel. Castmembers Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford and Ana de Armas, as well as director Denis Villeneuve and the original film’s director and producer Ridley Scott, all feature in the pictures.

The film’s storyline remains hazy, though what we do know is that LAPD Officer K (played by Gosling), a new blade runner, uncovers a secret that could destroy what’s left of the futuristic, dystopian society, one that's unfamiliar to the 2019 neo-LA the original film was first set. He seeks out Rick Deckard (Ford), a blade runner missing for three decades on his quest.

One of the images show Officer K and Deckard side by side, two generations of replicant hunters, with another showing K and actress Ana de Armas – who’s character is yet to be explained – in a car. Another captures Scott, Villeneuve, Ford and Gosling in a candid discussion.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, director Villeneuve said of the film: “Things seem to have generally become more horrible since the first movie. As humanity has continually trashed the planet and ignored the consequences. It might not be particularly subtle, but it does seem appropriately Blade Runner-y; after all most animals had been eradicated and replaced by synthetics by the time of the first film. Nature is obviously next to go.”

Check out the images from the Blade Runner set in the gallery above, and watch the trailer for the film, out October 2017, below.