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Watch Joanne the Scammer’s Caucasian Thelma & Louise epic

Learn the origin story of the world’s most iconic cheater, with fellow messy bitch and social media queen Khadi Don

The messiest bitch of 2016 ends the year with a super collaboration featuring comedian Khadi Don, as they embark on an epic Thelma & Louise-esque adventure, scamming everyone in their wake.

Joanne’s latest visual for Super Deluxe charts her beginnings as a suffering, abused wife to a mean ‘white trash’ husband. When Khadi steps in, gun in hand, the duo escapes by car into the desert, eluding the cops as respectable ‘Caucasian women’, tackling hot cowboys and robbing fur coat shops. This action-packed tale chronicles the true birth of our fave scammer and how she came to be the icon she is. 

Earlier this year, Joanne (Branden Miller) wrote for Dazed about the scammers and internet idols that inspire her. 

Watch the skit below.