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Trumpgrets: the Tumblr of people who regret voting for Trump

This blog collates how defectors from the president-elect’s legion of followers really feel

Donald Trump’s win in the election has been a turning point in US politics. As thousands staged protests across the country, America’s true colours were shown after the Republican gained his place as the incoming president. Divisions have become even more entrenched with escalating hate crimes, and rallying cries from the liberal youth against the dystopian future we are now potentially moving towards. So what about the people that voted for Trump? 

A new Tumblr, titled Trumpgrets, is aiming to give us a clearer idea – exposing the tweets of former Trump supporters now dissatisfied by the new president-elect. The billionaire businessman has been called a “fake” and a “fraud”, with voters calling him out for backtracking on his plans to build a wall, abolish Obamacare, and throw Hillary Clinton in jail. 

“I never thought I would ever say this, but Trump is acting like a weak establishment cuck! What the hell happened?” writes @OliMauritania. “PLEASE SHUT UP. Can’t you just ignore and zip it until you take office? The more you speak the more I regret my choice,” laments @DebNord.

Check the gallery above for more sadface tweets, or visit the Trumpgrets Tumblr to check out more.