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Jacob Chabeaux

To all of you – stay together as we head into a dark future

The new era of Donald Trump is not meant for us – be vigilant, careful and kind

These are times to be treated with caution and handled with care. Times to look out for one another. This is a new, unpredictable day. Such is America’s power that electing Trump represents a danger not only to the vast country that he will now preside over, but also the rest of the world. Make no mistake, we are hurtling into the twilight zone.

Trump’s indifference – or outright aggression – towards women, minorities and the “crooked media” firmly puts the brakes on America’s social evolution. Lets’s talk race – this is a man endorsed by the KKK who wanted a blanket ban on Muslims entering the country. Let‘s talk gender – this is a man who discusses grabbing women “by the pussy” and consistently appraises their worth based on their looks. Or climate change, which he doesn’t think exists. Or the close company he keeps, that represents the very worst of evangelical America - Trump’s anti-abortion running mate Mike Pence suggested treating HIV patients with gay conversion therapy. Trump’s right-hand man is critical of same-sex marriage. Trump doesn’t like us, he doesn’t like you.

The President and his politics speak of a desire for freedom – to say what he wants, to do what he wants and think how he wants. The manipulative, erratic demagogue naturally wants all of those freedoms, but at the expense of others – this generation will need to be vigilant, prepared to fight to preserve the shfit in sociopolitical attitudes it has undoubtedly helped create.

For Brits there is a sense of déjà vu – I recall the same existential feeling writing about the referendum result – and much like that moment with Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, this was a political decision dictated by an older, conservative, mostly white generation, uncomfortably lost within a changing country. Of course there are more factors at play than that, reasons that will be pored over endlessly in the coming days, but I refuse to believe that a vote for Donald Trump is anything but a vote for hatred.

As the world awakens to the dawn of a new, frightening era, mobilise yourselves to engage in kind gestures, however small you think they are. Give clothes and food to the homeless, seek to protect the vulnerable who will need your help, work to understand, support and connect with people who are struggling, mentally or physically. Stick together, chip away at this loathing and hostility however you can. Slowly but surely we can fight this.