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Twin Peaks

You can now buy Twin Peaks merch and David Lynch’s artwork

Coffee cups and Lynchian doodles of donuts, logs and cherry pies from the official store arrive just in time for Christmas

You can have yourself a very Lynchian period of festive gift-giving now the official merchandise for the Twin Peaks reboot is available to buy, including artwork by its iconic creator.

Showtime, the channel running the upcoming Twin Peaks series from January 2017, has just opened up its merch store. Alongside David Lynch’s original artwork are coffee cups, t-shirts, hankies and more printed with Lynch’s doodles of donuts, cherry pieces and coffee. 

There’s also a sew-on patch and a patterned pillow that recalls the sinister vibe of the Black Lodge and t-shirts with the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” sign and Laura Palmer’s corpse. And, of course, a collectable mug for that damn fine cup of coffee you’ll be having when you settle down to watch the show early next year. 

The TV channel most recently released a behind-the-scenes clip from the revival’s set, with appearances made by original cast members Kyle Maclachlan and James Marshall, alongside newcomers like Robert Knepper and Jim Belushi. Co-creator Mark Frost has also released his spin-off novel, The Secret History of Twin Peaks