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Alt-right to create fake black profiles to fight Twitter ban

After being kicked off Twitter, extremists have created African American alter egos so they can continue hate speech

As president-elect Donald Trump puts together an archaic bro-cabinet which includes an attorney general who thought the Ku Klux Klan were OK until he found out they “smoked pot”, and a chief strategist who called liberal women “a bunch of dykes”, all eyes are on the alt-right.

Twitter has since taken to banning profiles that post offensive hate speech, but Daily Stormer, a white supremacist website, is reportedly finding ways of outsmarting the watchful eye of social media moderators. Users have been instructed to create fake profiles full of things that “these blacks” post. The en-masse digital blackface will take place so that Twitter can learn “what happens when you mess with Republicans”.

Founder Andrew Anglin said: “We’ve got a big campaign coming up. Just go on black Twitter and see what they look like, copy that model. Start filling it with rap videos and booty-shaking or whatever else these blacks post. Read through their posts to get an idea of how they post. You need to be able to post in a manner which is indistinguishable from normal black tweeters.”

The news follows Twitter’s recent crackdown on hateful conduct online which has seen many high profile alt-right poster boys including Richard Spencer removed from social media. Spencer has since said of the matter: “I am alive physically, but digitally speaking, there have been execution squads across the alt-right.”