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Martin Shkreli
via YouTube

Martin Shkreli live streams unreleased Wu-Tang Clan album

The repugnant pharma bro kept his promise to share Once Upon a Time in Shaolin following Trump’s election

Martin Shkreli jumped on a live stream to air tracks from Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, the one-of-a-kind, never-released album he bought for $2 million. Skhreli promised to share the album if Donald Trump was elected president, and here we are. 

Shkreli said in the stream that he hadn’t expected Trump to win over Hillary Clinton, but he would be negotiating a wider release with Wu-Tang Clan. He promised followers that he also had unreleased Radiohead, Beatles, Nirvana and Elliott Smith among others in his arsenal. 

Shkreli at first endorsed Trump in May, but a week later, said it had been “like an ironic joke thing”, stating that he would rather “abstain in protest”.

The CEO of pharmaceutical company Turing Pharmaceuticals became infamous after increasing the price of an anti-parasitic drug, used most prevalently to treat AIDs, by 5,000 per cent.

He bought the album last year following an auction. Ghostface Killah called him a “shit head” and a “fake-ass supervillain” with a “12 year-old’s body” in a 12-minute diss video. RZA made a statement to say some of the profits from the sale of the album would go to charity following the sale's announcement.

Shkreli previously live-streamed a list of artists that he said he would pay to release an album made just for him.