Ghostface Killah disses Martin Shkreli in 12-minute video

The Wu-Tang frontman has responded to the pharmaceutical boss with an expertly made powerpoint piece

You remember that bone-chilling video that pharma boss Martin Shkreli made the other day? You know, the one where he was flanked by three strange masked men, and swirling some merlot like a really shit dad? The one where he snarled about “erasing” Ghostface Killah from the record book of rap? ....The one that’s basically SEARED into your memory until the end of time? 

Yeah, that one. As it turns out, the Wu-Tang Clan rapper was actually surprisingly unintimidated by its threats – and he’s made a diss video of his very own to prove it.

In a new 12 minute film, Ghostface Killah tears into the pharmaceutical boss, ripping into the original diss video piece-by-painful-piece. Calling him a “fake-ass supervillain” with a “12 year-old’s body”, the rapper laughs off Shkreli’s claims that he is washed-up. “You done bought a washed-up rapper’s album for $2 million. Who washed up now?” he laughs. “Don’t think, for nothing, that you could ever erase me from history, bruh. I am history.”

Ghostface also references Shkreli’s notorious drug-hiking – which saw the entrepreneur increase the cost of vital HIV medication by over 5,500 per cent. “People can't pay that much man,” he says. "You a real killer man, you're a real killer. But you're a soft killer. Youse a clown.”

“You ain't been through nothing... you never been in the crib with welfare cheese and fried bologna and all that stuff like that for dinner at night.”

Watch the full incredible video – which also features Ghostface’s mum, sister and some extremely enthusiastic Powerpoint skills – above.