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We spoke to psychics about who will win the US election

Will Hillary win? Will Trump go bankrupt? The UK’s finest precognitive minds share their predictions

The day has finally come. After months of tireless backstabbing and bitching, the US is now ready to decide on its next president. Will it be the extremely unpopular Hillary Clinton? Or will it be a racist orange person? At this stage, with all the yo-yo-ing polls and the doomy headlines, it’s still too tough to call. Fortunately, we’ve been nice enough to quell all that fear and fatigue you’re probably feeling by offering you a sneaky heads-up on what to expect from the news tomorrow morning. In a worldwide exclusive, we gain insight into the great unknown; rounding up some of the UK’s finest precognitive minds to share their predictions. The results may surprise you. 


Who do you think will win the US general election this year?

Emma Toynbee: Hillary Clinton. I had a precognitive dream a few days ago in which I was in a stadium watching as she won. The mood was half jubilant and half sombre, and lots of people seemed displeased. People were waving Hillary banners in the form of the letter 'H'. The result was very close and Donald Trump had lost by a very small margin.

What effect will this result have on the US and the rest of the world?

Emma Toynbee: I think the US is going to be shocked. I see fires and small-scale riots in the southern states. I think Hillary's premiership will mean the UK is under tighter control by America, but I feel the same would have happened if Trump had won. I also see some sort of controls being implemented regarding pharmaceuticals and the medical world in particular. The big American pharmaceutical giants are going to take control of our health system and the Tories are going to allow this to happen. My main concerns for the future of our country are the systematic dismantling of the NHS by the Tory government, which the next American presidency will only exacerbate.

And what about the losing candidate? What do you predict will happen to them?

Emma Toynbee: Bankruptcy. I feel Donald Trump will have overspent so hugely on his presidential campaign that he will have lost a serious amount of money.

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Who do you think will win the US general election this year?

Jemima Packington: Clinton will win by a whisker, but Florida will be key. Don't forget what happened with George W. Bush and the dimpled chads!! Controversy beckons.

What effect will this result have on the US and the rest of the world?

Jemima Packington: Like Brexit, tempers will flare but they'll be short lived. US individuals are not that politically motivated. Brexit issues will overshadow the US and UK’s special relationship, but order will be restored. Trump will survive the election, and any underlying tensions will be diluted. The US is such a huge country.

When did you first realise the prescient power of Asparagus?

Jemima Packington: Asparagus is a great earthy vegetable – it takes time and care to reach fruition but when it does there's no stopping it! I discovered I was able to predict things around the age of 8, then rediscovered the ability in my late teens (a long time ago). I’ve successfully predicted the Brexit result, the Royal babies, weather problems, and the winner of UEFA 2016!!

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Who do you think will win the US general election this year?

Charlotte Codrai: I feel that the general election will run neck and neck. There is great opposition towards Hillary Clinton, many people find her distrustful and despise what she represents. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is being portrayed as an idiot but is gaining credence as the US Nation feel endeared to his sincerity. Despite this, I feel that Hillary Clinton will win by a nose.

What effect will this result have on the country?

Charlotte Codrai: It will put the whole of the US in disarray. The country will be sent into a panic, and a revote may be forced due to controversy or misconduct of some kind. It could be mismanagement of the counting system, or failure to oversee it correctly, or possibly a suggestion that it has been fixed. I feel that there may be turbulence of sorts. The Dollar will fluctuate, leaving dread and uncertainty but not for long. Whatever the outcome, the US will survive. 

And what about the losing candidate? What do you predict will happen to them?

Charlotte Codrai: It will not yet be over for him. It would seem that there would then be seven years of trying to get back into power. There would be further proposals and campaigning, trips and socialisation. I feel that he would become more ruthless and still pursue some sort of position in politics; he will have a growing following which will cause unease to some extent. He will travel overseas with his thoughts and ideas.

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All interviews have been edited and condensed