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The Russian Embassy yesterday (November 3)via The Syria Campaign

Protestors dump hundreds of fake limbs on Russian embassy

The demonstration, which was held by The Syria Campaign, was a response to Russia’s bombing of Aleppo

A group of activists blockaded the Russian Embassy with hundreds of fake limbs yesterday, to protest against the Russia’s bombing of Syria.

The demonstration, which was held The Syria Campaign, saw 800 mannequin arms and legs get dumped outside the building’s entrance. Two people also chained themselves to the front gate. According to a spokesperson for the group, the protest was an attempt to “disrupt” the country’s plans to “unleash further hell on the people of Aleppo.”

“Right now Russia is the country primarily responsible for the ongoing killing in Syria that is driving so many people out of their homes and causing unimaginable human suffering,” wrote Syria Campaign rep Anna Nolan in an open essay. “Sometimes the inaction and apathy of our politicians demands to be challenged, and with the impending all-out attack on Aleppo there has never been a more appropriate time to stand up and be counted.”

The limbs were reportedly a representation of Syrians who had suffered injuries and lost loved ones due to the highly controversial Russian airstrikes. 

“275,000 people are trapped in besieged east Aleppo today and like so many other Syrian towns, they are being slowly starved and bombed into submission,” Nolan continued. “Russia has used illegal weapons on civilians, including incendiary bombs and cluster bombs. It’s also giving political cover to Assad’s continued use of chemical weapons by blocking any international attempts to stop him.”

In a statement issued yesterday, Russian embassy staff said they were “deeply concerned” about the UK government’s lack of support and security. Dismissing the demonstration as a “so-called protest”, they chastised police for remaining “indifferent” to the action. 

“An unauthorised protest action by a group of unidentified people interrupted the work of the embassy as the entrance to the consular section was blocked up with a heap of mannequin body parts while the protestors handcuffed themselves to the gate,” they wrote. “As a result, the mission staff and visitors were unable to enter the premises of the embassy. Police officers remained indifferent in the face of the openly provocative and disorderly conduct of the 'demonstrators'.”

See images from the protest below, or read Anna Nolan’s full essay on Medium here.