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Lena Dunham’s releases pro-Hillary ‘sensual pantsuit’ rap

The comedian and feminist has debuted her political rap alter ego – MC Pantsuit

Some things are absolutely unforgivable. Allowing a potentially damaging, unqualified reality TV star to become one of the most powerful political figures on this planet is one of those things. But, rapping in a pantsuit to tell people to vote for Hillary Clinton or “everybody might die” is possibly another.

The creator of Girls has been an open fan from the early days of the presidential race and now it appears she is taking her love to the next level. Performing in a Funny or Die video, the 30-year-old debuts a new alter ego named MC Pantsuit. Clad in a red suit she defends the “nation's baddest grandmother” alongside Cynthia Erivo and Charlamagne tha God. Highlights include Dunham declaring Clinton is a “freedom fighter” and a put down about Donald Trump being climate change denier.

The Girls creator embarks on on a political plea to explain how angry she is about the election so far. She goes on to channel this anger into the lyrics: “I get upset when people say that Hillary needs to smile / She's a strong ass fucking person, couldn’t even walk a mile / in the heels of this woman had to fight / her life defending everything she does to the left and to the right”.

Does this feel like the longest election ever? Watch the video below: