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Megan Doherty
Photography Megan Doherty

The exhibition trying to make art less ‘wanky’

The Loose London trio’s new exhibit shuns overly intellectualised art for raw and real documentary, a takedown of flippant social media antics and skate legend Ed Templeton

Joe Goicoechea, Charlie Warcup and Sam Hamer openly admit there’s no real plan as such with their exhibition Loose London: they simply want to promote the art they love in whatever way they can, minus any pretence. It just so happens that the art they love is the art we love too.

Hetty Douglas, who Dazed touted as one of ‘London’s new generation of painters’ will be on show with her work that takes our flippant social media interactions and intertwines them with her honed brush work. Then there's Megan Doherty, a rapidly rising young photographer who captures the painfully beautiful, neon-lit big dreams in the small sticky-floored enclaves of Belfast. Legendary skateboarder and artist Ed Templeton also makes an appearance among a cast of emerging artists, while Snffn Glue casts a fresh eye over real life documentary photography, spanning everything from pasta to piss. Other artists involved include James Holliday, Michael Kingett, Joe McCrae, Carl Storey, Snffn Glu and Michael Dicken. The breadth of the work that will be on display reflects the Loose Boys attitude to curation: chilled, explorative and most certainly loose.

All too often, according to the creative trio, art shows “try to be a bit too intelligent for its own good” and come off as “wanky”. Forcing intellectualised threads or themes between artist's work is most definitely not what they’re about.

And as they tell us, “I guess the beauty of keeping the show as broad as this is it gives us the opportunity to showcase young and unknown graduates alongside the likes of Ed Templeton. Our name, Loose, is as it suggests and we don't want to shy away from that.”

Loose London will be held at the Doomed Gallery in Dalston on November 8 between 6-9pm