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New Adam Curtis film HyperNormalisation out next month

Massive Attack announced the release of the unique documentary maker’s new film via their Facebook – have we become lost in a fake world?

Ever get the feeling that things are increasingly difficult to understand? That information, despite being everywhere, is increasingly difficult to process? That power systems and their infrastructures are impossible to decipher and even harder to penetrate? You aren’t alone.

In his new film HyperNormalisation, journalist and vital filmmaker Adam Curtis (Bitter Lake, All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace) explores the complexities of modern life and traces a journey from 1975, beginning in New York and Damascus, right through to today’s Trump-dominated media landscape, exploring simply what is real any more and asking the question, “How did we become lost in this fake world?”

As with all of Curtis’s films, an unnerving soundtrack complements the film’s overarching theme – not just that we are being unsettled, but that it’s happening deliberately.

HyperNormalisation is available on BBC iPlayer from October 16, 9pm.