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Helicopter footage of the police altercation with Terence Crutcher

Unarmed black man shot and killed by police in Oklahoma

Terence Crutcher had his hands up, had no gun in his possession, but was Tasered and shot dead

In the video of his violent death, Terence Crutcher, 40, has his hands up. Terence Crutcher is seemingly complying with every request made of him by the police force that is about to kill him. Terence Crutcher does not have a gun.

Police were reportedly responding to an unrelated call when they came across Crutcher’s stalled vehicle. He was said to be on the way back from a music appreciation class at college. He was Tasered by Officer Tyler Turnbough and he was fatally shot by Officer Betty Shelby. Nobody knows why and it’s certainly not clear from the footage.

In the video released by the authorities of his death (it can be seen here, warning – it’s graphic), the language used by the officers on the tape is as revealing as it is terrifying. “That looks like a bad dude, probably on something,” says one. “He’s got his hands up....for now,” says another.

The shooting took place on September 16, with footage released today. American police have killed nearly 400 black men since the beginning of 2015.