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miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a weed-dealing hippy in Woody Allen’s TV show

The 60s-set comedy series will premiere on September 30

The trailer for Woody Allen’s 60s-set Amazon comedy TV series has been released – with Miley Cyrus as a hippy unafraid of giving the director a piece of her mind.

Cyrus stars as Lucy, a difficult guest in the house of Sidney Muntzinger (Allen), who plays a television writer, and his wife, a psychiatrist (Elaine May). “I don't dislike you. just everything that you stand for,” Cyrus tells Allen’s character in the trailer.

The first full-length trailer for the show also sees Cyrus tell a bemused May she’s doled out some weed to her husband.

Crisis in Six Scenes plays out against hard times in the United States, as the quest for civil rights rages on, women are fighting for equality and the Vietnam War continues in the tough decade.

The show is a major project for Cyrus, returning to TV having spent her teen years as Disney’s Hannah Montana. It’s Woody Allen’s first venture into television – though not something he’s admitted to enjoying so far, telling Deadline previously: “I’ve been struggling and struggling and struggling” when the project was first revealed.

The TV series, written and directed by Allen, will premiere on Amazon Video September 30. Watch the trailer below.