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A Twin Peaks audiobook is coming

The version of Mark Frost's novel will be narrated by Kyle MacLachlan and other original cast members

Twin Peaks, David Lynch’s cult TV show, is back on our screens in 2017, but in the lead up to its big comeback, an audiobook that details the story of Twin Peaks after the series ended will be released.

The book, The Secret History of Twin Peaks, is written by the show’s co-creator Mark Frost, and will be released October 18. It'll tell the story of what's happened in the mysterious town in the last 26 years. The audio book version will be narrated by original cast members like Kyle MacLachlan, who played FBI agent Dale Cooper, alongside Russ Tamblyn (Dr. Lawrence Jacoby), Michael Horse (Deputy Hawk), Chris Mulkey (Hank Jennings) and David Patrick Kelly (Jerry Horne).

New cast members, according to Entertainment Weekly, will also feature. Amy Shiels, James Morrison and Robert Knepper will star in the 2017 series of the show, and also lend their voices for the book.

A trailer for the novel gave some vague hints as to what just has been going on in the town since the 1991 show: namely, people are still into cherry pie and coffee, Log Lady's in hospital and a new crime scene linked to Laura Palmer has emerged.

There’s also a reissue planned of the show’s original soundtrack, out September 9.

So come autumn, be ready with your headphones and a damn fine cup of coffee. Until then, watch the trailer for the novel below.