Watch a mysterious trailer for the new Twin Peaks novel

What’s been happening in the town over the last 26 years? This book will tell you

Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost has released a two-minute teaser trailer for his upcoming spin-off book, The Secret History of Twin Peaks. Described as a “vastly layered, wide-ranging history” of the show, the 368-page novel will reportedly act as a sequel to the first series, detailing all the missing plot points of the last 26 years.

The accompanying trailer for the project was released yesterday, and is – as you probably could have guessed – a little vague. It includes a Hollywood postcard from Norma and Hank, a hospital intake form for the Log Lady, and a memo from Gordon Cole about a new crime scene with ties to Laura Palmer. There’s also a log, a cup of coffee, and a slice of pie. Watch the trailer above to see if you can make sense of it.

The Secret History of Twin Peaks will be released via Flatiron Books on October 18. The revival of the series will air on Showtime in 2017.