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Artist Lorna Simpson, Art Hoe’s Mars and Amandla Stenberg
Courtesy of the Tate Gallery

Amandla & Mars talk about the importance of kids sharing art

The Art Hoe Collective co-founder and contributor talk to artist Lorna Simpson about the parallels within their work, in an exclusive video by the Tate premiered here

The Tate put artist Lorna Simpson with Art Hoe Collective’s co-founder Mars and contributor/actor/activist Amandla Stenberg in conversation for the latest in a series of video collaborations – premiered here.

In the video – filmed in Brooklyn – the trio discuss each others’ work and draw parallels. Simpson first came to prominence in the 1980s and 90s as she combined photography and text, centred around issues of race, gender, culture, identity, history and memory. Whereas Art Hoe Collective has only been garnering support, attention and collaborators for the past few years, it has quickly become a major staple in the representation and visibility of PoC and queer PoC voices online.

“I think a lot of the work you guys do, and the work that I do, speaks to broad humanity,” says Simpson to Mars and Stenberg.

“We realise that the work of people of colour has been institutionally excluded, and so we felt like we wanted to have a space, where, like, kids felt comfortable sharing their artwork. It’s kind of become this movement about self-acceptance and self-love as artwork,” explains Stenberg as they talk about the intentions behind the Collective.

Simpson – whose work is on display in the Tate new building and a focus on the gallery’s mission to increase the visibility of female artists – also touches on the importance of social media for the younger generation and the opportunities it can open. A tool at the core of Art Hoe’s community and collaborator base, with work being presented via their Instagram feed. Watch the full video exclusively below.