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spencer tunick
Spencer Tunick’s ‘Everything She Says Means Everything’via @laurynelanz / Instagram

130 women stage naked protest against Donald Trump

Spencer Tunick’s latest installation, ‘Everything She Says Means Everything’, took place at the Cleveland’s Republican National Convention on Sunday

Back in May, renowned artist Spencer Tunick posted an open call-out for a new, politically-charged performance piece. Like much of his other work, it was set to be a super-scale nude installation, with the original ad seeking women who were willing to pose naked “holding large mirror discs” outside the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. According to Tunick, the piece – titled “Everything She Says Means Everything” – would be a reflection of “the knowledge and wisdom of progressive women”.

Two months later, and it looks like the New York photographer had no trouble achieving his goal. The controversial installation took place on Sunday (July 19), and managed to attract 130 naked women for the occasion. 

“Being nude in public is a freeing kind of experience,” participant Jennifer White told Cleveland Magazine. “We want to be able to show our bodies and be able to express to people who are telling us what to do with our bodies that they have absolutely, positively no right to tell me or any of those other women there what to do with our bodies.”

The shoot took place at sunrise, just hours before Donald Trump took the stage at the convention. Although not a direct protest against the Republican nominee, it was a provocative move from the famed photographer – and a nod to Trump’s questionable track record on women’s rights. “He is a loser,” Tunick told the AFP.

See more images from the (NSFW) performance below: