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racists getting fired tumblr

This Tumblr is getting racists fired

Racism and xenophobia is rampant, and this blog is making sure the perpetrators get their comeuppance

In times of political and social tension, when two black men named Alton Sterling and Philando Castile can be unlawfully murdered by police officers like countless others that have been deduced to hashtags, social media reflects the true hatred and injustice that brews within the population. Racism and general dickheadedness bubbles to the surface, spilling over into nasty Instagram comments and long Facebook threads.

Racists Getting Fired is a Tumblr page that’s been running since 2014, working on shutting those people down. It takes submissions from people wishing to call out outrageously racist behaviour: some have been explicit threats Facebook messages, email exchanges where a babysitter likens child abuse with natural black hair styling, photos of white college girls in blackface, among others.

Gathered information on the perpetrators' places of employment or schools are also shared on the Tumblr, so others can complain to direct members of authority like bosses, teachers or family members in their masses. It’s led to people getting fired from their jobs, called out on a national level and reprimanded for their behaviour, as they should be.

You can submit to the page via Tumblr, and follow their submission guidelines to see actual justice enacted.