Is this film about NYC youth the next Kids?

White Girl charts a meteoric, drug-addled romance in New York, as a young freshman sells her drug dealer boyfriend's coke stash to get him out of jail

Coming-of-age can be as liberating as it is absolutely horrific, and setting that in the spiritual city of depravity which spawned Larry Clark’s tale of teen sex Kids and the deadly debauchery of Party Monster, it spits out White Girl.

Leah, played by Morgan Saylor, is a New York freshman who finds herself romantically involved with Puerto Rican drug dealer Blue (rapper Brian “Sene” Marc), who in-between their hedonistic binges gets himself arrested. Leah then tries desperately to sell off his coke stash to get him out of jail, encountering drugs, drama and juddering self-reflection along the way.

The film is Elizabeth Wood’s directorial debut, and it’s based on her own true story. “I moved to the hood, fell in love with a drug dealer, and when he went to jail, I made it my life’s mission to get him out,” the 32-year-old told Opening Ceremony in an interview. The adaptation also shares a producer with Larry Clark’s Chloe Sevigny-fronted film Kids, Christine Vachon.

With a release date set for this autumn, get the fix in the meantime with Harmony Korine's hazy tales of youth and Ben and Joshua Safdie's Heaven Knows What.