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Amber Rose
Amber Rosevia @amberrose / Instagram

Amber Rose claims Ian Connor may have raped ‘21 women’

The model alleges that a number of women have reached out to her with accusations

Since April this year, seven women have stepped forward to publicly accuse Ian Connor of rape. Despite vehemently denying the allegations, the stylist – who is also Kanye West’s muse and an A$AP Mob member – has now been put under police investigation for sexual assault. “ I Don’t Respect Liars Nor Forced Situations,” he wrote on Twitter earlier this year. “Please Be Real.”

However, that may not be where the story stops. According to Amber Rose, around 21 women have “reached out” to her to share their alleged rape experiences with Connor. “Because I have my SlutWalk, all of the women (who’ve accused Ian Connor) have reached out to me as well,” she told the Daily Beast yesterday. “They want to come to my SlutWalk and tell their story on my stage. I have that platform for them to do so.”

“I’m not a lawyer,” Rose continued. “I can’t prosecute anyone or say, ‘What she’s saying is exactly the truth.’ I wasn’t there. Honestly, seven came out and I’m pretty sure 21 women have reached out to me so far. So I’m assuming there are more coming out. It’s innocent until proven guilty, but when you have 21 women from all over the world that do not know each other but have similar stories, it gets to the point where it’s like … enough.”

Ian Connor eventually replied to Rose’s claims on Twitter yesterday evening, calling her a “Bald Head Bitch”. “The Fuck Hasn't 1 Charge Been Pressed?” he wrote. “Somethings Not Right (sic)”.

Rose responded by calling Connor a “lil troll” and an “asshole”. “I'm so happy to have (these women) on my Slutwalk stage to tell their stories,” the model wrote.

Since the initial allegations went public, Connor has also been on the receiving end of some shade from his A$AP Mob; with many calling him out on Twitter for the accusations. Witnesses also claim that a fight between Connor, A$AP Bari, Theophilus London, and A$AP Rocky broke out in Paris’ Collette store last Thursday. “Get security bro asap,” Theophilius tweeted Connor shortly before the incident. “Every time I see u I'm gonna fuck you up, Evrytime u dirty fucking rapist (sic).”