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8-year-old trans girl stages protest against anti-LGBT group

Avery Jackson built a multicoloured ‘transgender house’ opposite the Westboro Baptist Church

An eight-year-old trans girl has opened a multicoloured “Transgender House” opposite America’s most notorious Christian hate group. 

Avery Jackson, from Kansas, began her campaigning against the Westboro Baptist Church in March this year. Inspired by the rainbow-coloured ‘Equality House’ which has been opposite the group’s Kansas headquarters since 2013, she started a crowd funder to build one specifically for trans people.

“I (feel) so happy and proud to be transgender,” Avery explained when the project was first announced. “I wish people weren’t afraid of transgender people. I’m not a monster. I’m not scary. I just want to be treated like every other human.”

The new ‘Transgender House’, which was built on Sunday, cost $70,000 (£52,000) to build. It reached its funding target after a charitable property developer called Martin Dunn heard about the cause. 

“If I had a kid that was transgender I would want a place that would celebrate them and accept them,” he said. “That’s just not available in this country and it should be.” He also added that its location “across from a hate group” was “really appealing.”

Known for protesting at LGBT events with ‘God Hates F*gs’ signs, the Westboro Baptist Church are one of America’s most provocative hate groups. In one particularly heinous example, they hit headlines earlier this month for attempting to picket the funeral of Orlando shooting victim Christopher Leinonen – though they were thankfully blocked by a group of counter-protesters dressed as guardian angels.