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Lotte Andersen wants us to talk about weird sex

Matthew Stone, Phoebe Collings-James and Reba Maybury come together to discuss post-internet sex, relationships and technology for the creative director/artist’s latest show

Lotte Andersen moves fast. Less than a month after the emotional farewell of her much-loved west London party Maxilla she’s back – this time taking over Bold Tendencies in Peckham’s multi-storey car park for a one-night show called Weird Sex. Featuring Matthew Stone, Reba Maybury, James Massiah, Phoebe Collings-James and Sienna Murdoch of Sadface.Club, Andersen will host a night that unpicks the relationship between pleasure, technology and human instinct. Ahead of its launch tomorrow night, we caught up her to find out more.

You’ve just wrapped up Maxilla less than a month ago – why did you want to do something so soon after?

Lotte Andersen: Weird Sex seeks to unpick and discuss many of the themes in the artwork of MAXILLA. The longing, the naivety, the heartbreak, the screenshots. I wanted to do something soon after as it feels right to move the conversation on into a different format. The people coming to the party are creative and fascinating – so much of that come from the collective consciousness we have today. 

What was behind the decision to call it Weird Sex?

Lotte Andersen: I was thinking about post-internet dating and romance and Weird Science popped into my head. It seemed light, funny and confusing, all things I enjoy!

Matthew Stone, Reba Maybury, James MassiahPhoebe Collings-James and Sienna Murdoch of Sadface.Club are involved – why did you choose them to be a part of Weird Sex?

Lotte Andersen: Sienna has succeeded in building an emotional network with Sadface.Club. They manage to speak about mental health astutely and honestly, whilst giving practical links to get help. Phoebe is showing “Broken Hearts Requiem”, a video piece made before social media really took us over. James is a genius poet and linguist, able to unpick and decode language for what it really means. Reba's work with Big Woman and The Goddess and the Worm discusses dominance and humour, plus her Instagram is, slim to none, the most hilarious thing out there. Matthew Stone is the naughty part or the panel – he's the spanner. 

Overall, what can we expect to see/feel/smell/hear on Saturday?

Lotte Andersen: See video, smell pizza, feel together, hear ideas.

You're encouraging people to take the work away with them at the show's end – can you briefly explain why you want people to take the work away with them?

Lotte Andersen: I encouraged people to take away the prints covering the walls at MAXILLA, it feels like natural to do the same. Engagement is important, dismantling the space collectively unifies the audience and brings a natural end. It's all a performance and I very much believe if you've come to see us it’s only polite, no?

Weird Sex is on this Saturday 18 June from 7pm – 11pm. Click here for more information