Vivienne Westwood and Lily Cole release films on voting

The series of shorts – titled #DontFuckMyFuture – stress the importance of the upcoming EU referendum

Lily Cole, Keira Knightley, Big Narstie and Vivienne Westwood have released a series of short films urging people to vote in the upcoming EU referendum on June 23.

The clips, all led by the hashtag “#DontFuckMyFuture”, were shot by Control director Anton Corbijn. Although impartial about the overall outcome of the vote, they highlight the importance and ease of the process; stressing to the audience that it only takes “five seconds” to secure their future. 

“I was concerned to see how low the voter turnout levels are anticipated to be amongst young people, who will arguably be most affected by this decision,” said Cole in a statement. “I’ve also been frustrated by the divisive and negative nature of much of the campaigning... So we wanted to do a neutral and positive campaign to encourage people to get involved, and make their opinions known.”

The shorts are apparently targeted at British under-35s – a group which, according to statistics, is significantly less likely to vote (only 50 per cent are predicted to turn up to polling stations on the day).

Check out Cole’s contribution above, or check out the ‘Five Seconds’ channel on YouTube here to see more.