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World-renowned artists urge UK to vote remain

Rankin, Eva Rothschild, Jefferson Hack and Jon Burgerman are amongst a group of artists who have created a series of pro-EU posters

Last week, German-born and part-time UK-based artist Wolfgang Tillmans penned a thought-provoking open letter with his personal and political reasons on why we must stay in the EU.

With less than a week to register to vote, 14 of Tillmans’ fellow artists, including Rankin, Antony Gormley, Eva Rothschild and Dazed co-founder Jefferson Hack, have rallied in the best way they know how – by creating artwork that raises awareness of the benefits of being pro-EU. With a number of the works being turned into t-shirts, the artists revealed their reasons for voting to remain within the EU.

Depicting a broken heart fashioned from the Union Jack, world renowned fashion photographer and Dazed co-founder Rankin takes a strength in numbers approach: “I’m no politician but in my opinion leaving Europe will split Britain. It will not unify it. Staying in, we stay stronger, yet still have our independence. We’re still British after all.” 

Illustrator duo Dog & Rabbit – who play on an Australian anti-immigration poster – urge those in power to hand the choice over to the future generation: "We think younger citizens who have still got most of their lives to live should make the choice whether they do so as Europeans or not. The decision should not be made by those who will not live very long with the consequences.” 

And artist Michael Craig-Martin uses pop art to remind us not to be so rash in forgetting our history with the EU. "The EU has helped establish the longest period of peace in Europe in centuries. It has guaranteed democracy, the rule of law, civil liberties, and human rights across every member state. We should remember that these are our values, British values.”

Don't forget to register by 7 June to have your say on 23 June over whether the UK remains in the EU. All posters are available to download here with a limited amount going on sale alongside select works being made available as t-shirts here.