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brother dean saxton
Dean Saxton after the attackvia Bro Dean YouTube

Anti-gay preacher hit with baseball bat outside school

Brother Dean Saxton, known for preaching hate speech outside of American schools and uploading the videos to YouTube, was struck by a student during one of his tirrades

A homophobic preacher spewing hate speech outside of an American school has been hit with a baseball bat by a student.

Brother Dean Saxton, from Glendale, Arizona, was using a megaphone to yell anti-gay messages outside Apollo High School. ABC15 reports he also had a sign that read ‘You deserve to be raped’, while shouting that students of the school would “burn in hell”. Saxton’s YouTube catalogues several trips to local high schools where he spouts the same vitriolic speech aimed mostly at LGBT students.

This time, Tabitha Brubaker, 19, struck Saxton over the head with a baseball bat. Authorities say she has been charged with felony assault, as well as possession of marijuana. Saxton posted the video of the incident on his YouTube channel.

“You need to stop doing naughty, nasty things, Apollo High School,” said Saxton in the video. “You need to stop looking up naughty, nasty things on the Internet.” When a female teacher confronted him, he accused her of being a “bad influence” and “evil”. Other students also attempted to approach him. “Only God can judge!” asserted one.

Another teacher asked Saxton was he playing “with a full deck” and warned him that violence could soon break out. The same teacher reacted with shock with Saxton was struck off-camera. Saxton then walks away, showing a bleeding gash on the side of his head to the camera.

Watch the video below, the incident happens around the 17 minute mark: