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Soko’s Sextagram
Soko’s SextagramCourtesy Autre magazine

Soko makes zine out of her nude Instagram DMs

The singer’s new project, Sextagram, is a collection of ‘gross’, ‘cute’ and ‘ballsy’ sexts from strangers

Grunge-pop star Soko gets a lot of strange sexts. Ranging from the cute and romantic, to the “super sexy” and “extremely ballsy”, the French singer’s Instagram inbox reads like an enlightening how-to on social media seduction. “(There are) ass pictures, tits pictures, awkward pictures, people with my name written on their ass,” she explains. “Some are really cute though, like ‘I’ve been wanting to kiss you since I was fourteen!’”

Soko – who has just finished filming The Dancer with Lily-Rose Depp – decided it would be a shame to waste these treasures. After publicly posting a few out to her 112,000 followers, the French singer was approached by Autre to compile her favourites. The result is SEXTAGRAM; a new zine exposing our most clandestine (and creepy) online moments. See below:

“I can’t help but laugh at the whole thing,” the singer told W magazine recently. “When people are behind their phones, they don’t think that they can be seen. They think they can be as mean as they want and nothing’s gonna happen... People feel protected by social media and treat it almost as though it’s not real life. But it’s so deeply rooted in our society now that it is real life.”

Despite how weird it all is, Soko admits that it has worked before – with the singer going on “totally successful” dates with a couple of the sexters. Although, due to growing numbers, she admits that it’s unlikely to happen now. “Most of them right now are just really, really crazy, so I don’t even open them anymore,” she adds.

You can purchase SEXTAGRAM on the Autre website here