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Instagram via @nightydrunklovers
via @nightydrunklovers

The most screenshot-worthy accounts on Instagram

Never-ending feeds that feature girl power, cult film references, incredible photography, illustrations and pop culture pearls – here are five to wormhole into

To be ridiculously cliche, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In the social media age, imitation is often an act that involves screen shots. #regram #rg #reup are frequent on anyone’s feed and on my phone, I currently have 797 screenshots, and I’d say approximately 93 per cent of those are from people’s Instagram feeds. There’s nothing better than getting lost in #relatable memes, cult film references, incredible photography or illustrations to get you through the hazy moments that follow a 7am alarm (scrolling is definitely a more powerful stimulant than coffee). That said, here are five feeds to wormhole into.


Does what it says on the tin. A bunch of girl power film references and pop culture memes that will just 'get you' – from Ghost World to Clueless.


Described as "an EXPLORATION of FEMALE WONDER through ERAS", @visualpursuit are currently on (what look's like) a trip through the 60s and 70s, with archive Vogue shoots and Frida Kahlo quotes.


If you’re going through a bit of heartbreak or hardtimes then @virgingoldcult will have your back. Never short of posts where the underlying (or overtly clear) tone is 'fuck you/fuck boys' all the while punctuated by 'love you/lust you' ones – pretty much my headspace mapped out on an Instagram feed. Vintage Angelina and Winona also make regular appearances.


A little less cynical than @virgingoldcult, come here if you’re looking for film references, inspiring quotes, Kate Moss and other beautiful, but strong, women.


Good things come in pairs – as is evident with sister accounts @watts.on and @love.watts. I’m not quite sure which account I have the most love for, @love.watts provides a stream of more art-focused posts whereas @watts.on takes the more ‘girly’ route, a lot of pink, flowers, nipples, crystals – both are addictive nonetheless.