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Derek Marks, "Crack A Gaze, Bruise A Soul"
Illustration by Derek Marks

An illustrated night out with Grace Jones in Paris

The superstar is incarnated as a super-heroine with a penchant for dildos in this comic book, featuring Jerry Hall and Jessica Lange

Over her 40-or-so-year career, Grace Jones has taken on many guises. From supermodel to superstar, to super icon. But, most recently, she’s been incarnated as a comic book heroine (of sorts), alongside Jerry hall and Jessica Lange… and a fan/comic book artist named Derek Marks. Published as Grace, Jerry, Jessica & Me, the publication is now in its second volume (premiering exclusively on Dazed here).

For Marks, his affinity with Jones began a few years ago after seeing her perform in New York City, where he's based. "Friends had told me how fantastic she was live but I was not prepared to be completely blown away. She performed for two plus hours, never drank water (only wine) and at the very end, hula-hooped while singing ‘Slave To The Rhythm’, in a corset and six-inch heels. I decided she was not even a human being... more like a superhero!” And thus, it began. Housebound after Hurricane Sandy ripped through the city in 2012, he went into a Grace Google wormhole. "I discovered she was roommates (in the 70s in Paris) with Jerry Hall and Jessica Lange. Again, my mind was blown. All three legends living together pre-fame! I couldn’t believe no one had written about that before,” he adds.

Originally planning for the comic to be a one-off, Marks’ fascination held when people began to come forward and tell him their own stories and encounters with the star. Which is where the idea came from for his latest issue, “Crack A Gaze, Bruise A Soul”:

"A friend repeated a Grace story that she’d heard from another friend of hers. He was at a party and his friends kept pestering him to collect his coat. After much protesting, he finally went into the coat room and walked in on Grace Jones having sex! I’d also just read Grace’s autobiography. She talked about wanting to penetrate every man and how when she would go out with Jerry and Jessica, they’d throw men from one end of the room to the other if they tried to get between them. I put all that info together to create what I imagine a night out with them would have been like. The title 'Crack A Gaze, Bruise A Soul' is a line from Grace’s autobiography.”

Follow Marks here, and keep an eye on when issue 2 drops here. In the meantime, you can buy issue 1 here