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Kim Jong-un declares emoji war on Kim Kardashian

Introducing Kimunji: the North Korean equivalent to the chart-topping Kimoji app

Kim Jong-un is taking on Kim Kardashian’s chart-topping Kimoji app with an emoji set of his very own. Aptly titled “Kimunji”, the collection takes the North Korean leader as it’s central theme – swapping bums, boobs and belfies for bombs, flags and ....Dennis Rodman. 

The emojis, which were created by US web designer Ben Gillin, are apparently an attempt to mock the “terrible” original app – which he believes is damaging to society. “Kim Jong-un is obviously a terrible person, but in some respects what the Kimoji app is doing to society is also terrible,” Gillin told the BBC. “It’s terrible – I imagine little kids using it. It's ending up in their hands, advancing their minds in certain ways.”

The designer ended up creating the emojis after he noticed that the reality TV star had updated her app on the same week that the North Korean dictator had launched a satellite on a ballistic missile. He then spent four hours creating the designs, before putting them on their own website for free universal use.

“In no way do I want to downplay the human rights violations in North Korea – that's super serious and oftentimes overlooked,” he added. “But if my joke makes people look at it in a serious fashion, or look at it at all, then at least they've looked at it.”

You can check out the full set on the Kimunji website here.