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Science shows LSD is basically a good thing

Two new scientific studies find that LSD can make you happier – and help reduce domestic violence

As anyone who’s ever spent an hour staring at a Domino’s takeaway menu because they think it’s on fire will tell you – LSD’s a funny old drug. But now two new studies have found that LSD might have more practical uses than simply making random things seem like they’re in flames (fun as that is).

new study finds that LSD might have the potential to reduce domestic violence. Researchers from the University of Alabama and the University of British Columbia found that hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD or magic mushrooms had the potential to reduce domestic partner violence by encouraging men to behave more “peacefully and compassionately”. The researchers evaluated data from 302 men in the criminal justice system. Of the 56% who reported using hallucinogens, only 27% were arrested for domestic abuse, compared to 47% of the non-hallucinogenic-using group.

Meanwhile, a separate study from Imperial College London, led by Professor David Nutt, has also found that taking LSD can “improve psychological wellbeing in the mid-to-long term”. The study, of twenty volunteers, measured the participant’s emotional wellbeing two weeks after taking a dose of LSD. It found that the volunteers experienced “increased optimism”, and “no changes in delusional thinking”. Sounds like a pretty fun study to be on, if you ask me.

Look, we're not telling you to take LSD. We're not. But if some scientists say it's good for you – well, we're not going to argue with them either. That's just science.