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Janet MockCourtesy of The Provocateur

This new site is the pen pal you always wished for

With the likes of Janet Mock and Myla Dalbesio on board offering advice to young women, a new platform aims to reconnect us with the written word

The art of writing letters may be something increasingly lost in the digital age, but putting pen to paper is still arguably the most poignant means to get our most personal messages across. But despite the fact that through childhood keeping up with distant pen pals may have at first seemed like an exciting prospect, the reality often turned out to be more of a chore. Especially with the invention of instant messaging connecting us to like minded people all around the world at the click of a mouse.

Disheartened by our decreasing tendency to physically manifest our thoughts and feelings, Kristin Prim set out to collate all the life advice she wished she’d been given after landing the title as one of the world’s youngest editor in chiefs at the age of 13. Making the decision to depart from her large format high fashion glossy, Prim, the visual artist set her sights on creating content with a strong social message, and The Provocateur was born.

“I wanted girls to know that you can look and act whichever way you wish and still be a strong, independent female”– Kristin Prim

Releasing weekly hand scrawled letters from some of culture's most inspirational names, the site hopes to offer up pillars of advice and mentorship to teen girls as well as providing a peek into the lives of some of the world’s most current, creative women.

And the platform isn’t all talk and no action. With upcoming contributions from writer and transgender rights activist Janet Mock, as well as body positive model/photographer Myla Dalbesio and performance artist Cosey Fanni Tutti, Prin has plans to start auctioning off the letters to raise money for women’s charities. But in a society in which women’s voices are increasingly prominent within the media, why was such a platform important to Prin now?

“We’re so used to seeing ‘powerful’ women in the press today depicted a certain way, and a way in which I usually cannot relate to myself. So many notions of archetypal femininity have become synonymous with weakness or submission and abandoned in a form of rebellion, but I wanted girls to know that you can look and act whichever way you wish and still be a strong, independent female”

Check out Thr Provocateur here