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Donald Trump dildo
Dreamy Donaldvia #GOPdildo /

This Tumblr is using dildos to protest against US gun laws

We’ve been here before

US gun laws are like a really shit joke. It just takes one quick glance at the statistics to realise this. In 2015 alone, there have already been 353 mass shootings in the US – more than one for every day in the year so far – and a staggering 9,956 deaths. Despite this, for some backward reason, guns are still praised as a great photo-op by many US conservatives: especially if you’re a politician with dreams of getting into office.

Aiming to highlight how strange all this is, activist Matt Haughney thought he’d try his hand at imagining a better world. Specifically, a world where people put down their guns and picked up their leopard-print sex toys. A heavenly, dream-like paradise where Donald Trump enjoys the company of a four-foot dildo instead of semi-automatic firearm.

“I saw the right wing not only defending their stupid policies of guns and more guns but doubling down on everything,” Haughney told the Daily Dot. “It’s all just so appalling, especially when real people are saying things so terrible you can’t even parody it. So that’s where I started, by saying, ‘This is madness, but what can I do to shine a light on it?’”

Haughney started Photoshopping these photo-ops for his new Tumblr project, aptly titled #GOPDildo, and has since been encouraging people to join in. “I think it’s the inherent hilarious positioning in them,” he said. “How everyone’s eyes are all lit up in photos where they’re staring at a gun, so when I would swap something else, it made for a good effect.”

This isn’t not the first time dildos have been used as weapons of protest. Earlier this year, students at the University of Texas pledged to strap a selection of “gigantic swinging” dildos to their backpacks, in order to protest against new gun control legislation. Particularly, the hypocrisy of a new law allowing students to freely carry guns anywhere on campus, but prohibiting sex toys from being out in public sight.

Haughney intends to see his project through to election day – and will be adding more disturbing creations to his growing Tumblr account. “It’s OK if you think this is a dumb project,” he added. “I certainly do, too.”