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Vivienne Westwood calling for a revolution in the way we think about preserving the world’s futureStefania Lucchesi

Watch video of Vivienne Westwood protesting climate change

‘We have taken responsibility, we are the people, we reject the criminal politicians’

Today marks a historic moment in the world’s history as it battles to save its future. World leaders and politicians are gathering in Paris today (November 30) to discuss how to arrest the increasingly concerning issue that is climate change. But one person doesn’t one to hear from the powers-that-be – Vivienne Westwood.

Speaking to Dazed at the #ClimateMarch that took place in London on November 29, where Westwood was leading a harem of protesters through the city, she called on the world’s population to act.

“It’s complete horror,” she said. “The oceans will be dead, the rainforest will be gone, there’ll be no water. Everybody from Asia, Africa and Africa will be trying to move north, but it will be full of corpses. We have taken responsibility, we are the people, we reject criminal politicians. We have no choice between a green economy and mass extinction. You can change the world. You have to.”

Watch the interview below, conducted by Karen Orton and filmed by Camilla Mathis.

Vivienne Westwood calls on you to change the world: “We are the people, we know what to do”

Posted by Dazed and Confused Magazine on Tuesday, 1 December 2015