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4chan mocks Isis with hundreds of rubber ducks

Will this trolling ever stop? Members of the bulletin board are relentlessly photoshopping duck heads onto terrorist fighters

They’ve got Islamic State flags. They’re definitely holding some hefty weapons. They look like members of Isis. There’s definitely something off about them though. Maybe it’s the fact that they’ve got rubber ducks for heads.

The world might be concerned about the very real threat of terrorism, with world leaders stroking their proverbial beards trying to work out how we can defeat Isis, but 4chan have a simpler method of attack: Photoshop. This weekend, members spent their time imposing rubber duck heads onto images of Isis fighters, setting off a craze that spread to Twitter and Facebook. 

Naturally, the pictures were ripe for punning. “This had me quacking up,” posted one Reddit user. A few added toilet brushes and other bog-standard bathroom utensils to spice things up. In case you missed it, the best have been collated in Imgur under the title “Creates the duck state”.

4chan doesn’t always cover itself in glory, but this time the bulletin board has brought the lols. With Anonymous rickrolling Isis and Belgians responding to terror attacks with pictures of cats, it seems in the midst of so much fear and confusion that humour is one way of dealing with the darkness.