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drug survey
Jacob Chabeaux

What drugs do you do? Where? Who with? Why?

We’ve partnered with the Global Drug Survey to help understand the ever-changing landscape of drugs – take the biggest research study in the world today

You’re reading an article right now that has drugs in the headline. Maybe you clicked on it because you take them occasionally, maybe you quit, maybe you’re just starting out. Maybe you love them, maybe they fucked up your relationships or helped start new ones. Maybe you buy them from a man in a Ford Focus, maybe you order them from the darknet. Drugs are everywhere – in the homes of suburban Americans, on the estates of south London, your local green-belt Wetherspoons and the school you went to.

The ways in which we take drugs are always changing. Cocaine is stronger than ever, ecstasy is back in the UK and thousands of deep-web sites offer a portal into the world of narcotics that has changed the landscape not just of drug trafficking, but drug taking.

The Global Drug Survey is the world’s largest of its kind, the results of which are used to influence government drug policy. Last year, 100,000 people took the survey, with their invaluable insight into their drug habits proving influential on a worldwide scale.

Over the coming months, we’ll be focusing on which drugs we’re taking, how we’re doing them, how much we’re paying for them, where we’re getting them and why we’re even doing drugs. Take the Global Drug Survey here and lend yourself to the largest research study of its kind.