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Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega in "Pulp Fiction"via

Confused Travolta is your new favourite WTF meme

John Travolta’s character in Pulp Fiction has been repurposed to hilarious effect

Some movies have what I like to call a “side legacy”. As in, they have a rabid fanbase who perpetuates its appeal long after its initial release by telling friends to watch it. Then the side legacy is when rabid fans create new shit based on the film beyond everyone’s wildest imaginations, causing new people to come across it and ask, “WTF?” It usually manifests as fan fiction, but also extends to supercuts, memes and other indefinable oddities.

Such is the case with Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. A scene in the film shows Vincent Vega (John Travolta) rock up at Mia Wallace’s house to pick her up. He enters the house, looks around, sees no one, raises his hands in defeat. “Vincent, Viiiinnceeeennnt,” Wallace teases over the intercom. This literal non-moment is funny, but its bar has been raised by the GIFmakers of Reddit thread /r/reactiongifs.

Some genius has cut and paste Travolta clean out of his environs, prime for the taking. How he’s been recontextualised is where the Pulp Fiction’s side legacy comes in. Travolta’s character has been placed into grocery stores, empty classrooms and other movies (InterstellarLes Mis). Have a look below for the best renderings of Vega.

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