The personal tattoo gun that lets you ink yourself at home

Jakob Pollag’s Personal Tattoo Machine means you can draw all over yourself without leaving the house

Generally, people get tattoos to commemorate something personal to them. So why let someone else do it? Royal College of Art graduate Jakob Pollag has created the Personal Tattoo Machine, a piece of kit that he says democratises the tattoo industry and may help to encourage more meaningful results. He’s aiming to retail his gun – that would let you tattoo yourself on the sofa at home – for somewhere between £50 and £60. Intrigued by his mission, we caught up with Pollag to find out his motives behind the machine. Would you use this at home?

How many tattoos do you have?

Jakob Pollág: Around 20. I don’t really count them. You can’t see any of them when you meet me because they are all under my clothes, mainly on my legs, body and arms. So you wouldn’t tell.

What’s your favourite tattoo and why?

Jakob Pollág: It’s the "which one’s your favourite kid" kind of question. Every tattoo has a different story and meaning. There is only one that I like less I would say, and that is part of my leg where I was testing the prototypes. I wasn’t very precious about it. I needed to test the machine quickly so it’s just weird, lines and circles and it looks kind of messy. 

Do you think the machine may encourage more tattoos that people will regret?

Jakob Pollág: I think people shouldn't regret any of their tattoos. If you are in any doubt, just don’t get the tattoo. Everyone have to make up his or her own mind beforehand and be responsible.

Why do you think tattoos are so beautiful?

Jakob Pollág: I don’t think they are beautiful. There are some exceptions of course, but I am not really a fan of tattoos in the traditional sense. For me it’s more about materialising memory and freezing a moment in time. For me they are stories rather then pictures and they are very personal. Only the person getting them done really knows why. That is why I have all of mine under my clothes.