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chewbacca ukraine
Chewbacca attempting to resist arrest in Ukrainevia YouTube

Watch Chewbacca being arrested in Ukraine

The monster was detained by police officers in Odessa after driving Darth Vader to a polling station and failing to show ID

The Internet Party of Ukraine has once again caused consternation on the country’s streets. Founded in 2006 by hacker Dmitry Golubov and now led by "Darth Vader", the controversial party – that supports a transition to an entirely digital media and free computer lessons for everyone – fell foul of the law yesterday after party member Chewbacca was arrested for canvassing on the day of voting in the mayoral elections and being unable to show any ID. The arrest took place in Odessa.

Despite being about 200 years old, the 8 foot pilot is no pushover and it requires four burly police officers to detain him. The video below captures the surreal sight of Chewbacca being shoved onto the bonnet of a car by some extremely serious policemen, while a tinny rendition of The Imperial March peeps through a car stereo. There’s another link here with a better soundtrack.

Sky News reports that Chewbacca was fined nearly the equivalent of £5 for failing to provide identification. See below, for a stunning image of him in court looking pretty down in the dumps about everything. He reportedly told RT that he’s unable to pay the fine "as his funds are an intergalactic bank that has no branches on this planet."#FreeChewbacca